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Perugia, the city and its history

Perugia, the city and its history

Discover the hidden charms of this city

Known as the homeland of chocolate, with its "Baci Perugina", "Eurochocolate", for his music thanks to events such as "Umbria Jazz", for its culture thanks to the oldest "University for Foreigners" that makes a city very young and dynamic, but Perugia is also a beautiful city full of history.

The origin dates back to around the eleventh and tenth centuries BC, with the presence of villages in the dell 'Alto Perugino area.

The development of Perugia was fast thanks to its strategic location and proximity to the Tiber and the proximity to Etruscan and Umbrian people.

Rocca Paolina, of Etruscan origin

We do not know actually if Perugia was founded by the Umbrians or Etruscans.

Then he followed the Roman period, with the Battle of Sentino (295 BC) and from there became a Roman city, while still maintaining the Etruscan language. Important historical artefacts of this period are still evident in the city, as well as the Etruscan period.

Etruscan Arch, the old way to the centre

One of the representative monuments of the city is, in fact, the Etruscan Arch. The Roman period is important however the San Lorenzo Cathedral and the many media that linked Florence and Rome.

Perugia, Main Square

Then began the birth of Commons, the Lords and the medieval period, when it passed to the Papal States and the unification of Italy ... from Perugia part even the March on Rome!

Periods of crisis, battles, salt war, Perugia has suffered various dominations, but has never lost its identity!

Ancient Roman aqueduct and city streets

Really worth a visit in this beautiful and mysterious city with a great history.

Some of the most interesting buildings and monuments to see are:

The Fontana Maggiore

Etruscan Arch or of Augustus

Rocca Paolina

Archaeological areas

The walls of Perugia and the old town

Etruscan doors

Gates and Medieval walls



Religious architecture

The city centre

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We have just returned from a week's stay in The Logge del Perugino Hotel, La Ciita della Pieve, Umbria, and we would highly recommend this hotel to anyone. We stayed there from 1 to 8 September 2008 a...
kmeledy, Paisley, Scotland - Reviewed by 05-07-2016
If you are a discriminating traveller and if you don't mind paying a little more this hotel is a gem. We had a reservation at another near by hotel and there was no comparison. For $100 more we got a ...
Radish4, New York - Reviewed by 18-09-2008
Three weeks have passed since we returned home from our week's holiday at the Hotel Perugino. So now seems like a good time to review our stay there as we still have such wonderful good memories to lo...
stealer - Reviewed by 04-08-2011
Nice out of the way villa with great style and grounds. Loved the look and feel of the place. Probably in need of an update, but still good. Only stayed one night but enjoyed it. Very quite and rel...
Bruce440 - Reviewed by 31-05-2016

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